Equipment Setup


I've done almost all of my development work on a Mac since OSX came out. MacOS is, to me, what desktop Linux has been trying to be. Almost everything works without drivers install, or kernel re-compiles. OS / Hardware, however, is as individual as clothing brands. Find what works for you.

Physical Space

Physical space is more and more important to me as I get older and older. Learn from my mistakes, invest in a good workspace as soon as you're able. Take care of your body, you only get one.


I like the Apple hardware I've had over the years. From my first Blueberry iBook, to the 16" Intel Macbook Pro I use every day. This is a very personal choice, however. Over the years, I've used Linux, Windows, and BSD, for workstations.

People often complain about the "Apple Tax". My rebuttal is: I have yet to find a spec-for-spec comparison (including physical enclosure, touchpad, etc), where a Mac came out to be much more expensive. Yes, you can get a Dell with a flimsy plastic enclosure and a 3-generation-old CPU for 75% of the cost of a Mac. I'll take the whole package.


I picked up an ultra-wide monitor for gaming, and found an boost to my productivity. I tend to work in thirds of a screen now, and find that the layout really works for me.

While I'm not a fan of Alienware's computers, or their business practices (prior to Dell, at least), I find their monitors to be as high quality as Dell's business-class monitors.


Hold on to your butts...


In addition to my normal work setup, I have dedicated equipment for streaming dev work to Twitch.