tmux - Notes

tmux is self-described as “A Terminal Multiplexer”. What the crap does that mean?! tmux is a window-manager for your terminal. It allows you to have multiple “panes” (windows) on the screen at once, as well as multiple tabs.

Many terminal apps (I use iTerm2) have similar functionality, but I prefer to use a system which can work both locally and remotely. I can remote into a machine, run tmux, and have all the same functionality I’m used to having locally.

I use tmux every day so that I can have multiple files open on the same screen or to have a command running along-side (or below, or behind, etc) the terminal I’m working in.

You operate tmux by using a <leader> key followed by a command key. I use Ctrl+b for my leader. For example, to zoom a pane to fill the current tab, I would hit Ctrl+b z (note that I let go of Ctrl before hitting z)

Useful Commands

There are a few default commands I use every day which were not presented in my initial walk through:

Add <leader> before each of these!