Dapr + Minimal APIs

I’m personally enamoured with the idea of what Dapr is bringing to the table, and I like the simplicity of using C# 9’s Top-level statements to create applications and micro-services. These two combined create a wonderfully small application which could offer a very compelling platform for work.

To that end I tossed together a couple demo apps. The first app publishes a counter to a queue, nothing special. The second subscribes to the queue and publishes the square of the current count on an API. Nothing special, but wait until you see how much code there isn’t in the app.


I put all of this into a Github Repo, if you’d like to clone and/or play.


var dapr = new DaprClientBuilder().Build();

int currentCount = 0;
while (true)
    Console.WriteLine($"Publishing counter: {currentCount}");
    await dapr.PublishEventAsync("pubsub", "counter", currentCount);
    await Task.Delay(5000);


// Removed the few lines of boilerplate and `using`.
// Decodes cloud events sent to the `MapPost` below.
// Adds an endpoint which tells Dapr where to send events from pubsub.
app.UseEndpoints(endpoints => endpoints.MapSubscribeHandler());

var dapr = new DaprClientBuilder().Build();

// Pull state from Dapr.
// Minimal API will JSON encode the int for the browser.  May be blank until
// events are fired.
app.MapGet("/", async () => await dapr.GetStateAsync<int>("statestore", "counter"));

// `.WithTopic(...)` tells Dapr to subscribe to the given topic, and call this
// when a value is published.  This still works when posting directly to the
// endpoint!  😳
app.MapPost("/counter", async ([FromBody] int counter) =>
    var newCounter = counter * counter;
    Console.WriteLine($"Updating counter: {newCounter}");
    // Save state out to a data store.  We don't care which one!
    await dapr.SaveStateAsync("statestore", "counter", newCounter);
    return Results.Accepted("/", newCounter);
}).WithTopic("pubsub", "counter");


How cool is that!? As you can probably see, .NET Minimal APIs removed all of the complexity, and multiple files of even a starter .NET app. Meanwhile, Dapr removed all of the complexities of connecting to storage, pub/sub, service discovery, etc. Svelte, to the point, applications for microservices, but with the power and ecosystem of C# and .NET. I’m still not sold on microservices, but I’m starting to get excited.